Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Never Let Me Go (TIFF 2010)

I was unknowingly taken into a hauntingly-beautiful world, somewhere on the shores of England, between fantasy and reality. Essentially, this was a story about the relationship between three individuals, Cathy, Tommy, and Ruth, from childhood at a boarding school (or so we thought), to their short-lived adulthood. 

Throughout the entire film, I was left with a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat, spending almost half the movie on the verge of tears. Let’s just say it was a depressing concept: love unspoken, without enough time to make up for it.

At the heart of it all was this love story, unconditional, unrelenting and sadly, unfinished. Casting for the film couldn’t have been better, with very moving performances all around.  Andrew Garfield, who played Tommy, really left a lasting impression on me (not just because he was adorable, both on-screen and on stage!), but he really embodied the character of a cowardly and weak boy, unable to act on his feelings. The true hero of the film, Cathy (Carey Mulligan, who I loved-loved-loved in An Education), innocently and subtly captivated us. With no way her life could end well, she lived through a ‘lifetime’ of loss, and somehow, managed to stay graceful and at peace, even when facing her ultimate fate.

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