Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trailer: The Art of Getting By

The Art of Getting By stars Freddie Highmore as a disconnected and uninspired teen, slacking his way through High School. He befriends Emma Roberts' character and a relationship begins to develop between the two of them but of course, the audience has to watch it to see if either of them end up acting on their feelings. The film also stars Michael Angarano (Lords of Dogtown, Ceremony), another Indie film regular, as well as Elizabeth Reaser (The Twilight Saga) and the iconic (at least for my Clueless generation) Alicia Silverstone.

I have a feeling that no matter how old I get, I'll always be a sucker for these kinds of coming-of-age indie flicks. Age really isn't a factor in being able to relate to something emotionally and even though the principle characters are almost a decade younger than me, it still gives me butterflies and a yearning for that indecisive time when our lives were so full of unlimited possibilities - before the choices of what career to have and what job to take, put limits on our potential.

The Art of Getting By comes out June 17th.

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