Sunday, May 23, 2010

Missed the latest TRUE BLOOD trailer played during finale of LOST!

Can I just complain that in this day and age, and for a show that I really thought has, up until now, really understood how to use social media successfully to create buzz around the upcoming, and highly anticipated season 3, that TRUE BLOOD kind of sucks today.

How can they upload weekly, teaser posters (so clever are each, I might add), online mini-sodes, and utilize Twitter so magnificently for contests and discussions around the Vamp and Were cultures, BUT, at the same time...have the newest TRUE BLOOD trailer promo shown ONLY during the season finale of LOST.

Basically I'm bitter that I'm not a die-hard LOST fan and won't be able to see this trailer until someone who recorded it, uploads it.

Come on HBO, don't get caught up with all the LOST final episode hooplah and stick with your original plan which is to ....wait, nevermind, I guess whatever they're doing is working because here I am, talking about season 3 of True Blood and ranting and raving because I missed some super exclusive trailer.

Hmm, touché

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