Friday, May 21, 2010

Season of Season Finales

Spring has come and almost gone, and with that, a huge lot of network season finales to choose from. To be completely honest, I've almost given up on network TV for its lack of originality and boring storylines. Basically, it's getting harder and harder for these shows to fight for valuable viewership time.

As it happens every year, networks are canceling both new and long-running shows to make way for a new dose of what they call 'originality', and sometimes this makes sense but of course, I don't always agree.

Number one on me OMG moments for the end of this season is 'Grey's Anatomy'. WOW! Looks like Shonda Rhimes still has some things up her sleeve. To quote from Godfather, Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! That two-part season finale literally just revived my love for a show that I've found increasingly boring and uninspiring this season, with too much flip flop of characters and too many new faces trying to over-compensate for the strong absence felt when Katherine Heigl made the worst exit on a show since Judy Winslow from Family Matters walked up the stairs to change her clothes and never came back down.

Anyway, Grey's was amazing, as I said, filled with such suspense, terror, and shocking surprises. Basically it felt like no character was safe and any of them could have lived or died. Got to hand it to the writing - now if only it had been like this all season...

On another note, with the season of season finales comes the season of cancellations.
The only one that stands out for me is CBS' 'Accidentally On Purpose', a funny half-hour comedy with the hilarious Jenna Elfman and the cutest guy on TV, Jon Foster playing her baby daddy. Him alone was enough to keep me tuning in each week, and, although it wasn't exactly the most original story (20-something guy gets 30-something woman pregnant after a one-night stand and they try to make it work), the supporting characters of her cooky sister and awkward brother-in-law, and her boyfriend's under-achieving friends, made for some great comedy.

Also, I just heard that next season will be the last for Steve Carell aka Michael Scott on 'The Office'. Oh the horror, how will I live without it if there's no more 'That's what she said' and unintentional racial and sexist slurs from everyone's favourite regional manager. Wonder if the show will go on without Steve, and if so, I strongly nominate Dwight K. Schrute to take over as the boss. Would make for some fantastic comedy.

Anyway, with the end of network TV seasons, comes the highly anticipated new seasons of 'True Blood' and 'Entourage' on the fabulous HBO. Also, new episodes of 'Nurse Jackie', 'The United States of Tara' are still airing, which means there's still stay-at-home fun to be had this summer.

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