Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paul Rudd Pitches Marketing Ideas for 'Our Idiot Brother'

Paul Rudd's newest Funny or Die video made an Entertainment Marketing enthusiast like me, swoon just a little bit. Not because it's Paul Rudd (which is in itself a good enough reason to swoon, 'cause he will always be Cher's dreamy ex-step-brother, Josh). But, because he spends 3 or so minutes pitching Marketing ideas to Harvey-freaking-Weinstein, Hollywood producer-extraordinaire, for his newest comedy, Our Idiot Brother. Yup - Paul Rudd pitching Marketing strategy, and off of toilet paper, no less.

If you get one thing out of watching this video (aside from how ridiculously funny Paul Rudd is), it's that, as a Marketing, PR or Advertising professional, you shouldn't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box, even if it means brainstorming through the silliest, out-of-this-world, ideas, to find the one that maximizes exposure and also fits perfectly with your product. Also, never let the 'talent' get involved with the Marketing side of things because obviously their egos can't handle the rejection. (note: see what happened to Oscar?)

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