Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye Release "Otis", but Duckie Did a Better Job

Earlier this week, Jay-Z and Kanye released a track off of their highly anticipated upcoming collaboration, Watch the Throne. An ode to the late, great, intoxicating soul-man, Otis Redding, an artist so talented and beloved that really, he needs no last name. He's Otis. The track is good, featuring some memorable and jarring lines from good-ol Mr. West (I say that sarcastically because although his talent is indisputable, I can't stand the essence that is Kanye: the brand). But really, as I was listening to it, I couldn't stop wishing that Jay-Z and Kanye would just shut up so I could hear the Otis sample underneath their rhymes.

So, for everyone who listened to Jay-Z and Kanye's tribute to Otis, and hoped they'd stop being so rude as to talk over a classic soul track, here is the iconic scene from Pretty in Pink (you know the one...), with  Duckie Dale so perfectly lip-syncing along to Try a Little Tenderness.

"This is a very good tune. My mother used to sing this. This is Otis, I love Otis."
- Duckie Dale (Pretty in Pink)

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