Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: Bad Teacher - Shut the Front Door!

Who knew Cameron Diaz could be so unlikeable? For someone who easily brightens the screen with her goofy smile, even giving Julia Roberts, a run for her money in My Best Friend's Wedding, she managed to be quite detestable in Bad Teacher.

Bad Teacher
Cameron plays a self-centered, unapologetic, downright-bad, teacher who's main goal is to marry rich. She's flawed, so flawed that you feel guilty for being on her side (even though I was). She cheats, steals, lies, does drugs, treats her students like crap and appears to have very little conscience. Basically, she's evil - and the protagonist can never be evil! Wait, that's not true. The main character can be bad, but by the end of the movie, usually there has to be some sort of redemption to make it right and restore 'happily ever after' balance, at least in a light-hearted comedy like this one. But that doesn't happen here. There's no punishment, and she definitely does not redeem herself.

And I don't know, maybe I'm just as bad a person deep down inside, because I didn't really mind that. I didn't need her to come to a positive realization or make up for her wrong-doings in the end. She got the guy - maybe not the-guy-with-all-the-money, but the guy we knew she'd end up with. Oh, and if you don't walk out of the movie hating Justin Timberlake's character so much that you wished he was in front of you so you could slap him, I'll give you a hundred dollars. Maybe.

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