Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad Teacher - Cameron Diaz's Comedic Comeback?

Bad Teacher - It reminds me of the early days of Cameron Diaz comedies - the foul-mouthed, raunchy, not-afraid-to-be-dirty and ugly, like There's Something About Mary and The Sweetest Thing. The Cameron we fell for, but could still hang with. I actually want to see this one. Watch the trailer but be warned, Cameron be droppin' F-bombs like crazy!

Also in the movie, everyone's favourite friendly-giant, Jason Segal, who is a comic genius of today's Judd Apatow-loving generation. (I could watch him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall over and over again!) Plus, Phyllis from The Office - and who doesn't love anyone from The Office?!

Even Justin Timberlake doesn't seem too bad in this, although he needs to stop pretending he's a geek. He's too good-looking to simply put on a pair of nerdy glasses and try and convince us he's a loser. Then again, he was in NSync.

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