Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Oscar Predictions

With the elusive and always-fascinating James Franco hosting this year (oh yeah, and that Anne Hathaway girl from Princess Diaries too), I couldn't be more excited for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. This year's films really pushed the envelope, emotionally and physically (although I probably say that every year). The Fighter and The King's Speech inspired us, reminding us about determination and going against all odds, The Social Network really spoke to the Facebook-obsessed society we have become, and Toy Story 3, well, it kind of just made me cry and want to be a kid again.

Just like every year, I do have some issues with the nominations - I'm still a bit pissed that Blue Valentine didn't get nods for Best Picture and Best Actor (Ryan Gosling). And I really did think The Town deserved a Best Picture nod too, but I don't know, maybe that's just because I have a thing for films about Baaahston.

Now that we're only nine days away, I've officially put down my personal Oscar predictions this year, to see how accurate I am come the morning after.

Get your own official Oscar Ballot and see how well you do.

Oh, and being a huge James Franco fan, I have to mention that he just joined Twitter! As if a 140-character limit would ever be enough for this overachiever; for his first tweet, he made a video. Love it.

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