Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shameless - Nice Day for a (Fake) Wedding

Showtime's Shameless seems to be following the general plot line that basically proves on a weekly basis that the Gallagher kids are NOT alright. Fiona continues to fall for adrenaline-inducing Steve even though she knows Tony's a better guy, Frank is a drunk (as per usual), and once again, this week's episode was filled with a scam (or three), with a fake wedding (in a bar!), a close-call car heist, and a third ball (or as Frank so eloquently put it, his 'third passenger').

Joan Cusack continues to steal the show with her loony-bin issues; every time she wholeheartedly attempts to venture outside her home, it's actually quite heartbreaking to see her fail and breakdown. I'm interested to see more on how her daughter, Karen, handles it. It's obvious she's destructive, sexually promiscuous and screaming for attention by attempting to seduce Frank (gross, even though she's got Lip). But she's a product of her environment, so to speak, with a fucked-up home life like all our principle characters. This past episode, we got to see past the humour and caught a glimpse of the helplessness and disappointment Karen must feel on a daily basis.

We were also introduced to a new (also-crazy) character, Veronica's brother (Anthony Anderson). Of course, only on this show would being Bipolar not be enough. Poor guy's got to have Tourette's and be a Pyromaniac too.

The preview for next week gets back to reality a little bit - or as real as Shameless could possibly get. Fiona's not actually the legal guardian for all her siblings, and she's not exactly doing a great job raising them despite all her efforts. There are severe issues underneath the comedic facade. We've already seen how damaged Debbie is, she did steal a toddler just so she could have someone to play with. Looks like we'll get more insight into Carl, so far the only Gallagher kid we've heard barely a few words from. He's already kind of creepy, microwaving gold fish so nonchalantly. Obviously he has some issues that aren't going unnoticed at school, even if he's being ignored at home.

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