Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shameless Gives Lip

After the third episode of Showtime's Shameless, it seems like the, 'let's see how shocking we can be', shenanigans have calmed down a bit and it's starting to get into a more comfortable groove. It looks like each week, a money problem arises, and it's up to the Gallaghers to scheme their way through it, as the dysfunctional family that they are. And they really do take dysfunction to another level, last night kidnapping an old lady from a nursing home, to pose as their dead Aunt Ginger. Well, crisis averted, and Aunt Ginger's social security cheques will continue to help out around the house, at least for now.

Forget nice-guy Tony and even car-thief Steve, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is the one who's stealing my attention. He's perfect for the role of second-in-command at the Gallagher house. Being forced to be responsible, he has a protective nature just like Fiona, and even makes money off of his smarts, getting paid to write exams for other kids. Plus, that scene with him and Karen, screaming at the roaring trains passing overhead, perfectly reminds us of how frustrating his life really is and how well he handles his situation. In last night's episode, Lip gets a serious beat-down from the brothers of a girl (Mandy) that younger brother Ian rejects. He takes the punishment for Ian head-on and doesn't run away scared, which I loved. You've got to appreciate the natural banter and conversations Lip and Ian have, very typical of real brothers. Lip doesn't rat Ian out to save his own neck, and he throws in a dig about how slutty Mandy is, even though it makes his beating even worse. Gotta love that Lip.

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