Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two-Face Richard Harrow, 2010's Best Television Character

After only one season, Boardwalk Empire has already become a fan-favourite, flaunting its gorgeous, intricate set designs, period costumes and colourfully conflicted characters. It ran the risk of becoming just another mob drama (not that I'm complaining) but halfway through the season, we were introduced to a mysterious man donning a tin mask to cover up his half-blown-off, face-disfigurement from the war. Just watch Richard Harrow's (Jack Huston) mannerisms, with quiet, abrupt speech, slurping every couple of words due to the fact that he's, well, missing half his face. It's mesmerizing.

Skillfully portrayed by Jack Huston, who's pretty much Hollywood royalty (his grandfather was John Huston the director, and his aunt is Anjelica Huston). If you kind-of, sort-of, recognize him, it's because he was in Eclipse, so no point in hiding the fact that you saw it now. Even with his small, bit-part as Rosalie's fiancé, and rapist in that movie, he made quite an impression. Atlantic City Mob Boss in the making? We can only hope.

In December the people over at HBO announced that Huston would be a series regular on Boardwalk Empire next season, after making a serious impact in just five episodes. I guess we ain't seen nothin' yet.

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