Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drake OFFICIALLY releases Thank Me Later

So, the most talked-about day for Hip-Hop in a long time, came and went yesterday. Drake's highly anticipated came out in stores (officially, because I know most of you heard it before, don't lie!) to what are expected to be very high 1st week sales, despite the album being leaked a couple of weeks back.

Either way, by now I'm sure you've all had a chance to listen to the album and I'd love to know what you really think. I'm getting mixed reviews and I have to say I kind of agree. I feel like the best songs on the album have already been released and I don't think it lived up to the hype. Poor guy though, because the real thing is almost never as good as the hype and Drake's come around at a time where everyone just wants him to be the one to 'save' hip-hop from the 'crap'hop that floods our stations today.

The problem is also that we all heard the mixtapes and got super excited because here was this up and comer who got so much love from the Greats that he had to be something special. Add that to the highly publicized race to sign him to a label - that kind of pressure would get to anyone. And all this before he even had a chance to release an actual album.

So, with all that in mind, and with the fact that his mixtapes got so much love, maybe it's actually the record label's influence that screwed up Canada's own Drizzy-Drake. He probably could have done much better without them.

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