Monday, June 7, 2010

Vanessa Marcil to return to General Hospital this summer & Julia Stiles joins the cast of DEXTER

The season finale of United States of Tara is on tonight, and I'm very interested to find out the root of Tara's dissociative identity disorder (DID) if they actually let us find that out in only the second season. Love the characters and Toni Collette's acting but I feel so bad for her family that I just want them to figure out what has made Tara need to cope so badly through various identities. We know now that the sisters were in foster care for sometime, although we don't know why so tonight should be a good one!

Also, big big big news for any General Hospital fans out there! Don't laugh or mock me, but I've been watching this show since I was literally in diapers and can somehow stop watching for years but pick it back up anytime. Anyway, the always gorgeous Vanessa Marcil (90210, Las Vegas, ex-girlfriend to Brian Austin Green) is set to make yet another return as the epic character Brenda Barrett sometime in mid-August. I read this on so I'm hoping this has serious validity to it because I'm already too excited to claim that I'm normal. With Sonny single right now (as in, not married to Carly like he has been four times already - got to love Soap Operas and how they make being married 6 times seem normal) and all torn up about his son being in prison, her return couldn't have come at a better time. Last time Vanessa returned to GH's Port Charles for a visit, viewership increased somewhere around 30% PLUS, James Franco is also said to be returning again for a guest-spot. It's looking to be a sweltering hot summer in Port Charles!

And, last but not least, the hit deadly drama, Dexter, won't be back for a 5th season until sometime this fall but news hit the stands today that Julia Stiles will be joining the cast for at least 10 episodes, probably as some sort of a woman-friend to our beloved Dexter. Since the earth-shattering, shocking season finale where (spoiler alert!!!!) Dexter's wife Rita was found murdered in the bathtub by John Lithgow's character, Julia will most probably develop some sort of relationship with Dexter while he copes with the aftermath of Rita's death. Way to keep us fans interested in the off-season!

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