Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sneak Peak at Sofia Coppola`s Somewhere

There`s something in the air this week (other than the non-stop rain) that is making for some fantastic trailers coming out, for movies that I actually want to see!  Just saw one for Sofia Coppola`s Somewhere, which is about an actor, who spends his time hibernating in LA`s infamous Chateau Marmont, attempting to smother his loneliness with plenty of distractions i.e. women and booze (the good life, of course).  Then, along comes his pre-teen daughter (Dakota Fanning`s little sister, by the way!) who fills that void.  Love the father daughter thing (especially since I am a self-proclaimed daddy`s girl) and Stephen Dorff still has that James Dean meets Dylan McKay thing going on. (Yes, he was the hottie Alicia Silverstone gave the finger to in the 1993 Aerosmith video for Cryin`)

Check out the trailer.

And, just for kicks, here`s the video for Cryin` featuring Aerosmith`s resident wild child, Alicia Silverstone and a smokin` hot Stephen Dorff.

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