Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mad Men Season 4 Finale Recap - Will the disappointment never end?

Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price had so much promise at the beginning of this season, starting up their independent firm and making a fresh start, with all principle characters in tow. But of course, Don let us down yet again while we waited for his redemption but in true Mad Men fashion, we were left shocked and of course, disappointed.

Episode Highlights:

- Megan’s amazingly calm reaction to when Sally knocked over the milkshake. I had a mental flash to all hell breaking loose if Betty had been there instead of Megan. Even Don was surprised with her composure and ability to deal with the commotion.

- Peggy got a new account, singlehandedly bringing SCDP back from the red. She's always been my favourite character to watch grow and develop into a successful copywriter. Just looking at her meeting with the Nylon company compared to Don's meeting with the American Cancer Society, it's clear that she's advancing and moving forward while Don's ideas are starting to get tired.

- Not so surprisingly, Joan kept Roger’s baby and will seemingly pass it off as her husband’s. By the way, he’s looking a lot less weak and much cuter now. Gotta love a man in a uniform. But, next to Roger’s eternal childishness and increasing uselessness, anyone looks good.

- Don’s ridiculous engagement, not to his girlfriend Faye, but to his annoying secretary, Megan. That came out of nowhere, as does pretty much everything on this show, so I don’t know why I’m even surprised at this point. We all expected more from Don, finally having found an equal in Faye, but he ended up right where he started. And he even gave Megan Anna’s recycled ring, the one the ‘real’ Don Draper gave her. What an ass.

- Joan and Peggy’s bonding session where, for the first time, they actually got along. These two should’ve been friends long ago, but for some reason, Joan never accepted Peggy or anyone for that matter, as a friend. Watching them laugh over Don’s engagement was priceless and one of the best scenes of the finale!

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