Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mad about Mad Men!

What a great age for TV.  With such compelling choices of shows to watch, it's a wonder I even join the real world every once in a while.  What makes good TV, anyway? Well, to me, its all about dynamic characters, the originality of a story, and that X factor that keeps viewers tuning, not only each week but each season.  And no where in there is anything to do with reality TV - It's just NOT quality.

On Sunday, we were once again taken back to the 1960s, to the magical world that is Mad Men.  Back to the fabulous fashions, mid-day cocktails, and Don's debauchery.  It's weird that I even find myself attracted to this show, which takes place in a decade I have absolutely no actual attachment to.  It's not nostalgia that's got me hooked, but I guess it's a fascination with what I don't know and never got to live through.  It's a glimpse at the glamorousness that was the early 1960s, when life was just starting to get complicated (ahem, Betty and Don's divorce) but when people still put in that extra effort to look and act a certain way - refined I guess.  Although as Mad Men viewers, we know that to be untrue for the characters we love, who are mostly so morally bankrupt (especially when it comes to relationships), and we see that even at that time, things were not as they seemed.  There was something impure lurking behind the facade of white picket fences.  Yet, here I was feeling so completely sorry for Don Draper (the beautiful John Hamm).  How is it possible to feel sorry for such a flawed character, who has a hidden past, and cheated on his wife repeatedly and without a shred of remorse?!  What is it about the elusive Don that still has women swooning and yes, secretly hoping for a Betty and Don reunion.  Anyways, it was a great start to what will be an interesting season.

On a side note, I thought it was hilarious that we got an early look at an ad agency trying out buzz marketing.  And of course, in typical tongue-in-cheek Mad Men fashion, Don makes sure to tell Peggy to "Try and stay away from these kind of shenanigans".  Of course he's referring to the PR stunt that Peggy thought up, to get some buzz around their client.  It's funny how PR stunts and event marketing tactics are now the norm.  By the way, how cool is it that Mad Men had a premiere event last Sunday, where people dressed in their best 60s attire, and gathered in Times Square.

Sundays are a TV addict's worst nightmare right now.  True Blood, Mad Men and the now-dwindling Entourage (although I am still tuning in out of loyalty.)

If you haven't checked out Mad Men, here's what you missed on Sunday:

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