Sunday, July 18, 2010

July, in a nutshell.

Things I'm loving right now:

Lady Gaga: Oh my Gaga.  Last week’s concert at the ACC was one of the best I’ve ever been to.  And guess what, she danced and sang at the same time with No lip-syncing!  See Britney, it can be done.  Her voice is amazing.  Gaga sings (and sometimes yells) straight from the heart and it’s so raw when she does.  People tend to get distracted by the costumes and façade of her image and button-pushing videos, but when you strip all that away and it’s her sitting at a piano, belting out a song like Speechless, you are left speechless at how breathtakingly beautiful the experience of it is.

True blood Season 3: I can’t even explain how excited I get on Sunday nights (actually, I usually watch on Monday nights) when I get to slip into the magical and most of the time, very colourful Bon Temps and get to live in this world were sexy vampires and werewolves cause a lot of ruckus.  Growing up watching Buffy and now with this Twilight craziness, this is obviously something so relevant, especially teens, no matter what the decade.  Something about eternal love just makes us girls swoon!  That and Alexander Skarsgard.

Vanessa Marcil’s upcoming return to GH: I’m regularly googling her name this week, just to make sure she’s still planning on reprising her epic role as Brenda on GH.  I know I may seem ridiculous at doing that but who the hell cares.  According to one post I found, the official date is August 11.

The Hills is finally over so maybe now I can look forward to the beginning of the end of reality TV? – HA.  I literally laugh out loud at the thought.  It’s probably just wishful thinking, but that would be just divine.  I’m so sick of having to get through endless reports on Jake, Vienna and company just to see some actual entertainment news.  (I do, however, appreciate the absurdity that is Jersey Shore, a guilty pleasure of mine as; you are free to judge my hypocrisy.)

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