Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Love Series Finale - God only knows what I'll be without you

The past couple of seasons of Big Love have been kind of a disappointment. For a show that started off so powerful and intricately twisted, it sadly ended up a jumbled up mess of confusion near the end. I haven't even watched all of this season's episodes, but felt I had to at least tune into say goodbye to the family that kept me compelled almost to the bitter end.

(SPOILER ALERT!!!) To tell you the truth, I was more than happy to see Bill die in this episode (morbid, I know), but the twist of 'whodunnit' was a bit anti-climactic. Really - the neighbour?! It should've been Alby or Adaleen who did the deed, after five tumultuous seasons of Juniper Creek vs. Bill Henrickson. Or maybe even one of the wives - perhaps Barb, to really make it interesting.
The surprising part was that it was actually very emotional. Not at all when Bill died because let's face it, he had it coming. He's been a self-righteous, domineering and stubborn husband from the start, demanding his wives make sacrifices he never considered to make himself. I hate that kind of double standard. What got me emotional was Barb, Nicki and Margene. Those three, and not Bill, as it turns out, were the glue holding the family together. Their joyride in Barb's new car, their group embrace at the end - that's what Big Love was all about - the sister wives. I'm gonna miss those ladies and their endless drama. Even Nicki.

The episode itself wasn't all that great, it's hard to tie up five year's worth of loose ends and so a lot was left up in the air. And even though I would've loved to see Bill die a less noble death, it ended as it should have. With the three wives getting on with their own lives - something they never would've gotten to do with Bill around.

Margene's last blog entry, Goodbye Internet. Sad.

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