Monday, March 7, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Spoiler - Waiting Sucks

True Blood's Season 4 premiere may still be a few months away but for die-hard, fang-banging fans, the fun and anticipation has already begun. HBO has become a social media powerhouse when it comes to TV, known for its fresh and exciting buzz-marketing campaigns to keep fans interested in between seasons. Remember the hilarious True Blood videos and poster campaign from last season? Well, apart from the spoilers that may or may not have been released at PaleyFest this past weekend (the entire cast was in attendance, including the dreamy Alexander Skarsgard!), HBO has just released the first official teaser video for True Blood Season 4. Talk about a teaser! Eric, shirtless, all vulnerable and sad? I am definitely teased.

For those who've read the Sookie Stackhouse series of novels that the show's based on, you know what's going on in this scene. Season 4 picks up right around the beginning of book 4: Dead to the World. So when you see a shirtless Eric, you know what's going on and why Eric's acting all 'deer in the headlights'. Although, I have to say I'm pretty sure he was wandering around naked, and not shirtless, in the book. Just saying.

Waiting Sucks, so hopefully the teaser videos and whatever HBO has planned, will keep us occupied till True Blood makes its return.

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