Friday, March 18, 2011

Breaking Bad - Cancer Changes Everything
Award-winning Bryan Cranston plays Walter White - a passive and super-geeky High School chemistry teacher who's working two jobs to make ends meet and to get ready for a second child he and his wife are expecting. He finds out he has terminal lung cancer and decides to partner up with an old student of his, using his knowledge and experience with chemistry to cook meth (technically speaking, methamphetamine). Are you intrigued yet? Well, as Walter throws himself into this new life, something changes. He becomes more confident and aggressive, and kind of a bad-ass. Having played it safe his entire life, Walter ends up embracing what's left of his life, almost being set free through his cancer.

It's a lot like Weeds was in the beginning - an inexperienced, straight-laced individual tries to become a criminal in the very dangerous drug game. But it's not a comedy like Weeds, aside from Aaron Paul (Big Love) playing the goofy, stoner. It's dark and twisted - the best kind of humor.

Breaking Bad is about doing things you never thought you ever would, pushing beyond the boundaries you put up for yourself, and walking the fine line between right and wrong. It challenges your morals, addressing the question TV lovers have had to face in the post-Dexter world - Is it wrong to do something bad, if you're doing it for the right reasons? Bryan Cranston is phenomenal as Walter, the way he embraces the devilish side of him, even getting turned on by the dangerous situations he gets himself into. Knowing you're going to die changes everything.

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