Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weeds - My On-again, Off-again Boyfriend's moving to Copenhagen

Weeds has always been like an on-again, off-again boyfriend of mine that I just can't seem to leave, no matter how bad it gets. Sure, when it's good it's really good. But, as season 4 began, my attraction to the story fizzled, and the Botwin family’s move from Agrestic to Ren Mar became a long-distance relationship I just couldn't handle - so I broke it off.

After giving Ren Mar a second chance, my addiction was back like I'd never stopped watching and two seasons later, I was intrigued to see where this new chapter would take the family – a new husband and baby in tow. But in typical Weeds-fashion, it all blew up in Nancy’s face as soon as there was a shred of normalcy in their lives.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve really grown to hate the selfish and destructive woman I once admired. Turns out, she was always just an attention-craved masochist, moving from one destructive relationship to the next, making sure to bring her family and friends down with her. And, did anyone else notice that Stevie (baby Avi) was missing the entire episode with not so much as a mention by Nancy. At this point, Avi's probably better off being raised by a crime lord like Esteban. Even growing up to be a spoiled, heroin-addicted teenager like his daughter would be better than the neglect Avi’s experiencing on the run. At least there'd be a nanny attending to him, instead of deeply disturbed 16-year old.

Don't get me wrong, I love the dark comedy and craziness of it all and you do have to give the show credit for one thing - it's ability to keep the audience on their toes. The latest episode was no exception, with a hat full of shocking surprises to make sure we tune in to see the finale next week. (Spoiler alert!) First off, Silas isn't a Botwin, which kind of ruins the 'perfect' relationship she had with Judah (Jeffery Dean Morgan). I always thought of him as the love of Nancy’s life and this somehow taints that, pretty much saying that she didn’t become this way because of her husband’s death, but she’s always been a mess, sleeping with crazy teachers and getting knocked up in high school.

And baby daddy Esteban is back, with Guillermo in tow, just in time for the finale. But Nancy still has season 7 to get herself into and out of even more sticky situations.

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