Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Need You So Much Closer

I randomly came across Transatlanticism by Death Cab on shuffle today and it immediately reminded me of Six Feet Under. Even though the moment in this scene is drug-induced, there's something so special and real about it. This (phenomenally-cast) group of misfits, sitting around, contemplating the meaning of 'it' all. The atmosphere the Death Cab song creates literally mesmerizes you into a dream-like state, till you can't really tell if they're on drugs or you are. It's sort of beautiful.

It got me thinking about how when you hear certain songs, they automatically make you think of a movie or TV show you heard it on. I love that about music, the way it reminds you of different moments in your life, connecting you to memories of the same emotions you may have felt when you first saw or did something that you love.

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