Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Over Your Dead Body - Only 3 Episodes Left for Dexter to Chase - Jordan

It's hard to believe there are only a few episodes left for this season of Dexter. It feels like just yesterday we expected to join the growing Morgan brood on a trip to Disneyland only to find (SPOILER ALERT!!!) our beloved Rita dead in the bathtub. I know that's not very sentimental, but we've now had almost an entire season to get used to this sad truth. That, and the fact that Julie Benz is now on ABC's No Ordinary Family, so we know she's not actually dead.

I have a major beef with cable television channels for making ridiculously short seasons filled with ridiculously long breaks in between. The only thing keeping me going is the fact that at least with cable, the seasons are scattered, so just when I start to get stir crazy come January (going through serious Dexter-withdrawal), Californication and Big Love will be starting up again to stir up controversy and drama in my TV-life.

This may not be the popular opinion for people who favour the hard-edged Dexter, but this season, I've really grown to love the single dad he portrays, trying to find the balance between his dark passenger and the fact that he has actually started recognizing his emotions. I love the way he handled Astor's inconvenient return to Miami last week - he acted like he actually cared about protecting her from her friend's abusive step-daddy. He always had Rita and the kids around to balance out his demons. And, with the fear that baby Harrison (seriously, can he get any cuter?!) may end up following in Daddy's demonic footsteps, he may need Astor and Cody around to add a dash of humanity to his complicated mix.

A (too short) preview of next week episode that just leaves me asking, "is it Sunday yet?"

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