Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CW's Ringer & Hart of Dixie - Premiere Dates

I may be kind of a cable TV snob, but I've never hidden my sometimes-love for a choice few CW shows. I loved every minute of the teenage drama provided by Dawson's Creek, guilty-pleasured my way through The OC and One Tree Hill (seasons 1 to 5 ONLY, of course), and always crave my weekly fix of The Vampire Diaries. And even in the age of the very-bad and unnecessary remake of 90210 (how dare they), and the millionth season of America's Next Top Model, I don't mind highlighting two new shows coming to the CW this fall.

Ringer (Tuesday, Sept. 13th at 9pm)
Sarah Michelle-freaking-Gellar, times two?! Need I say more? It's Buffy, she deserves at least a chance since we've waited so long for her return to the small-screen. Plus, the trailer is intriguing and you can't really see where this story is going, so there's a reason to keep watching.

Hard of Dixie (Monday, Sept. 26th at 9 pm)
Rachel Bilson is returning to TV after stealing The OC right from under Mischa Barton and her crappy acting. She may always and forever be Summer Roberts but at least she's trying something new. OK, so the premise is overdone. A fish out of water story about a city gal who moves to the country, meets some hot boys - one in particular is Jason Street (Scott Porter) from Friday Night Lights (one of the greatest network TV shows ever)! He may not be Tim Riggins but he IS an FNL alum and that's enough for me.

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