Friday, June 10, 2011

Interactive True Blood Teaser on Facebook

Taking a page from the Old Spice marketing handbook, True Blood has once again made me remember why I love the show, not just for putting out the sexiest, most addictive hour of television, but because it's a brand that really knows who their customers are, and what we want from them.

True Blood fans want more, (and more and more and more), between seasons and especially in the few weeks leading up to a new season. Teasing us beyond belief, every clip, every poster, every video, is aimed at reminding fans why they fell in love with True Blood in the first place, whetting our appetites and making us hungry for more.

This time they've created an interactive teaser on their Facebook page. After (and only after) you 'like' the page, you can create a personalized video featuring you, Facebook friends you choose, and the supporting characters you know and love from Bons Temps. And I'm not going to lie, my heart skipped a beat when Eric sent me a pretend-instant-message in the vid. I know it's not real life but they were able to create a very personal and innovative experience for fans to be part of their supernatural world, even if just virtually.

If anything, it's something for Trubies (for non-fans, Trubies are to True Blood, what Gleeks are to Glee) to do while we impatiently wait for Season 4 to start - June 26th! Plus they got you to 'like' their Facebook page, and maybe even share your personalized video through your profile. I did, here's mine.


  1. What an interesting concept! =)

  2. @Hope: Isn't it? Thanks for reading my post and commenting!