Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HBOhmygod, I love you just as you are.

In the world of TV, it’s not enough anymore to have a great story.  To survive in today’s environment, networks that are managing to come out on top are keeping up with what people want. 

HBO understands this, that interaction between viewers and the brand only helps to enhance the experience.  They manage to stand out from the crowd and connect with us right where we’re already spending our time, online.

Aside from the usual Facebook pages, they have character blogs and twitter accounts, that completely take on the behaviours of the characters we already love.  If you’re a fan, make sure you take a look at Vampire Jessica's (True Blood) and Lloyd's (Entourage) blogs. We all love to get a little something extra.

Also, fans of foursquare need  to check out my new favourite iPhone app, GetGlue.  HBO’s even gotten involved, giving out badges for ‘checking in’ to certain movies, music, tv shows, etc.  Not going to lie, but as an entertainment geek, I’m already obsessed with checking-in and offering my two cents.  GetGlue, it’s genius.

New movies and shows coming out should take notice, because people are watching!  Even Snoop Dogg, who recently wrote a song and made a music video dedicated to Sookie Stackhouse and the True Blood Gang!

Given that it’s a cable television channel, the buzz they’ve managed to create around True Blood is crazy.  Their poster teasers prior to this season got fans so interested that we were eagerly counting down till the first episode (or maybe it was just me).  And it doesn’t hurt that the product is genuinely good, although I may be biased.

Oh, and just to add to my love of cable tv, I totally got retweeted by the official Weeds Twitter account!  That's pretty cool when you're a fan.

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