Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I LOVE the 80s! Hot Tub Time Machine, take me back.

If you love reminiscing about the era of Madonna, spandex and legwarmers (the FIRST time they were cool), then make sure you check out Hot Tub Time Machine.  To be honest, it's a big mess of crazy, but Craig Robinson (Darrel from The Office) and Rob Corddry (cop from Harold and Kumar 2), not to mention resident 80s child John Cusack, make the film actually pretty funny!

Although the story is one big slapstick with the essence of The Hangover, filled with impossible time traveling and grotesque humour, the journey is what makes this fun to watch.  Plus, there’s nothing better than watching middle-aged men going through mid-life crises, getting a flashback at their teenage years.

Beginning to end, there's so much from the 80s it's like watching a Wham! video.  There’s even a Sixteen Candles-esque scene with John Cusack and his lady love interest sitting on a counter top, gazing into each others' eyes over a candle.  Now if only the girl was Molly Ringwald!  But not the Molly Ringwald that exists today, on that dreadful show about teen pregnancy.  I mean the Molly us girls grew up idolizing, with the boy cut, and the freakin awesome sense of style (questionable today of course), epitomizing the 80s teenage girl.

It's only fitting that I refer back to the iconic scene from 1989’s Say Anything that made John Cusack forever that fresh-faced boy next door.  Talk about a not-so-modern day Romeo standing outside his Juliet’s window, with a boombox instead of a boring old soliloquy.

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