Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sing for the Years - Aerosmith in Concert!

There was a moment the other night, early in the show, when my heart stopped, just for a second.  The amazing Steven Tyler was bumped by Joe Perry (accidentally, I hope) and landed in the audience.  At first, we couldn't tell if he was attempting to stage dive and grasp at the last shred of youth left inside him, but when security rushed to pull him back up on stage, we figured it was definitely an accident.  And in true Rockstar fashion, he got right back into Love in an Elevator.

Since last year, when Steven Tyler did in fact fall off the stage mid-concert, injuring his neck and back, Aerosmith fans everywhere have been on edge.  It's hard to see someone who you've always seen as so powerful, both in voice and presence, suddenly so fragile.

Either way, the show was amazing!  Pure electric energy, adrenaline pumping rock n' roll..  The set list was fantastic, as the band went on to play hits both old and new, including What it Takes, Cryin', Dream On, and their cover of The Beatles' Come Together.  And, the show gave each member the opportunity to shine on their own: With Steven's always-chilling vocals (how the hell can he still hit those high notes?!), Joe Perry's amazing guitar solos, and Joey Kramer on the drums, pounding us into submission.

The boys men of Aerosmith seem to transcend generations, somehow resonating even with today's youth. It's funny, this is one show I've been to where on one side of me there was a 14 year old boy and on the other was someone around 65.  And the fact that all the band's members are over 60 is such a testament to their agility and freaking ability make great music that we still care about today.  Aerosmith will forever be Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock.  

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