Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twitter: Bridging the Gap Between Hollywood & the Fan

Twitter, social media love of my life, is pretty awesome. It's modern day fan-mail that puts you on the same level as whoever you're following. You can say whatever you want to anyone and they may just read it and write back or even retweet you. Even if that someone is Barack Obama or Judd Apatow. It's no longer enough for us to just send praise and fan-mail to our cultural idols. Today, we demand interaction and communication from those we 'follow', and there's no way around it. If you are an Apple fan and brand ambassador but they don't answer your customer service request tweet, you can do some serious damage to their image by spreading word. So basically, they better be interacting with us or we may just not care about them anymore.

On that note, I fully got retweeted by How to Make it in America and former One Tree Hill star, Bryan Greenberg the other day. Which is kind of cool (and oh-so-very nerdy for me to be just a little bit excited about it). Now if only Twitter had existed back when I was a Tiger-Beat-loving, Devon-Sawa-Obsessed teenybopper. An @ message or retweet from him may have just about put me in a coma.


  1. I got retweeted by a former One Tree Hill star too! Michael Copon (Felix on OTH) retweeted my response to his tweet about Crocs. I was kinda giddy inside.

  2. @Leesh: WOW, that's pretty impressive. I can definitely attest to the giddiness felt from that!