Monday, March 22, 2010

How To Make It In America - Why is this not good?

Again, not quite sure what’s going on with this show. It’s funny at times, but like I said last week, not enough happens in each show to keep the viewer interested in the next episode. It should be good, I mean, individually, the characters are great, and it's depicting the most interesting city in America. But it's selling out - it's too commercial, and it's just not progressing.

The only fresh dose of funny was from Kaplan, the guy from American Pie (Finch) who plays a rich and successful business-man trying too hard to fit in, but it seems to work for him, because although everyone knows he’s a poser, he’s almost so not cool that it makes him cool. To me, Kaplan is the epitome of the show’s theme, as it’s trying really hard to depict the ‘cool’ underground life in New York City, but seems to be falling short.

Then there was the last scene where we see heaping piles of old t-shirts aka ‘vintage t’s’ used by designers alike! That just goes to show that here’s where designer clothes are born – from the dump. Then of course, you have to add a print and a label, price it at $200 and here we have the newest, over-priced, designer threads courtesy of Christian Audigier or Crisp Denim!

All other goings on in the ep were highly forgettable, and I’m losing hope. The whole Rachel/Darren road trip was so boring I felt like doing my dishes while they were on-screen. After last week’s ecstacy incident, I thought she would be done with him but it doesn’t look that way. Most of the time, I feel like Rachel can’t even stand being around Darren. The relationship is wrong on so many levels that its hardly believable, they have no chemistry and both look so uncomfortable together.

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