Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mad Barbies

Barbie and Ken have literally gone MAD! All a `buzz` across the Internet waves is the news of the `MAD MEN` inspired Barbie dolls, specifically of the anti-hero Don Draper, his depressed soon-to-be ex-wife Betty, silver-haired fox Roger Sterling (Carrie’s peeing politician boyfriend from Sex and the City!), and of course the office’s sexy secretary, Joan.

According to the New York Times, premium priced at $74.95, the dolls will be available for collection starting July, just before the highly anticipated season 4 kicks off.

As a huge fan of the show, this is actually pretty cool. MAD MEN is being solidly placed into pop culture history. I mean, nothing says you’ve made it like having a doll made after you. Unfortunately, they won’t be available with their signature ‘anytime is happy hour’ martinis and cigarettes though, so they’re not quite as authentic as they could be. I mean, come on, that’s the basis of the appeal of MAD MEN-its retro, early 60s feel complete with the cocktails and debauchery.

Also, the Joan doll is so non-proportional it’s kind of sad. Especially today, when Joan is basically one of very few women on TV today who seem to get away with a gorgeous and curvy body, her Barbie-doll is as stick-thin as ever! Would’ve been nice to see Mattel represent the characters a bit more realistically.

If you haven’t started watching, now is the time to get caught up- Especially if you have a love for fashion and advertising. You see a time where most women were still in secretarial positions, being treated mostly as eye candy, but you also get to see the very beginning of women actually mattering in the work place.

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