Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NURSE JACKIE and UNITED STATES OF TARA- Girl Power for today’s female

Two fantastic female-first shows are forcing viewers into serious submission. We’re definitely in the post-Sex and the City revolution where the forty-something leading lady is taking over. It’s hard to believe that leading ladies like the gritty and genuine, un-botoxed Jackie and Tara, exist in the same world as The Hill’s Speidi and the gang from MTV’s Jersey Shore. Maybe people only really watch these no-brain cells necessary shows because we’re secretly laughing at them. Not going to lie but I, myself, do get quite a kick out of the Jersey Shore shenanigans. The only way to explain that phenomenon is: it’s like driving past a car crash – where you can’t help but slow down to take a peek at it while passing. Must be that same sadistic part of us that is secretly fascinated when Britney Spears shaves her head and acts crazy all around LA.

If you haven’t started watching these two shows yet, you should. Just starting off their second seasons, both are dark comic genius, with some of the most entertaining characters on cable.

Basically, what Jackie and Tara do, is offer an alternative to the ‘normalcy’ that floods TV. With the same recycled story lines, how many more family sitcoms and medical dramas can we watch without the much-needed twist offered by Jackie and Tara. They don’t just offer an escape from reality, but a brutal, in-your-face kind of reality that gets you thinking – a lot more than the Gym-Tanning-Laundry routine does, no doubt.

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