Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Turkoglu – Out sick..or just sick of losing?

Ending his record of having started 236 games he dressed for, Turkoglu was benched for Friday night’s Miami game for supposedly playing hooky from Thursday’s game in Denver. Out sick with the ‘stomach flu’, he was seen out in Yorkville on Friday night after the Denver game he missed. And today, when everyone’s part paparazzi, with our iPhones and Blackberrys, we send info at the touch of a button, which is exactly what happened. Fans spotted him and e-mailed media and team officials right away, outing him.

This brings me to an issue that’s becoming more and more current in today’s social networking environment. Recently, there have been many reports of people being exposed for calling in sick, but still being seen online. But, that’s not the same thing as being out while supposedly being sick. Even if I’m sick, I can still manage to go online and check a few things out, but I definitely wouldn’t go out partying on the town.

So, with that in mind, will Turkoglu become another Vince Carter for Toronto? Torontonian fans are extremely loyal to our teams, look at the Leafs! We haven’t had a successful season since 1967 and yet still, it’s impossible to get Leafs’ tickets. But, as loyal as we are, we’re loyal to the team sport and anyone who deviates from that, ends up on our blacklist. Hopefully, Hedo can redeem himself because otherwise, as demonstrated each time Toronto plays VC and boos him consistently, we don’t forgive easily.

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