Sunday, March 7, 2010

Post-Oscars Cool Down!

Wow Wow Wow, what a great Oscar Night! Some fantastic surprises that I was hoping for like when Sandra Bullock won Best Actress! How unexpected, and what a genuine speech and she still sounded like herself, making comments about kissing Meryl Streep and hating Carey Mulligan for being so young and pretty. Way to keep it funny with your quick wit!

And, we made history tonight after 82 years of the Academy Awards - a WOMAN wins Best Director. Amazing, although kind of sad for Directors that work their bums off for years, like the genius (and my personal favourite) that is Scorcese, who put out groundbreaking movies for 40 years before getting Best Director.

And the ONLY actual shock of the night, Best Picture goes to THE HURT LOCKER! So well deserved, since AVATAR was a little over-rated! I love this David vs. Goliath tale of the under-dog and am so happy and proud to not only be a woman today but also that the ego-centric control freak who created his own language – (I mean really?), ahem James Cameron, didn’t win. Sorry about that.

Stay tuned for my own little Fashion Critique tomorrow!

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