Monday, September 12, 2011

Entourage: The End


Last night marked the end of our favourite HBO bros after eight (sometimes great, sometimes really bad) seasons, but rumours are already swirling that an Entourage movie is in the works. Even though it'll probably be pretty crappy like the Sex and the City movie was, I'd still watch it.

Entourage started off a force to be reckoned with, revolutionizing the now-overdone 'bromance', genre - a show about the lazy lives of a group of friends to an up-and-coming, but reluctant, movie star. Then as the seasons wore on, with one too many celebirty cameos and a whole lot of repetition, it got kind of tired. For its victory lap season of only eight episodes, Entourage managed to go out with a bang, tying up loose ends while returning our characters to who they were in the beginning, the ones that got us watching in the first place, before they got all serious on us.

So here's to the boys from Queens, who had us hugging it out and shouting "Victory!", every chance we got.


  1. I finally got to watch it tonight and I am so happy that a certain two ended up together. I am not sure if I should say who exactly, just in case it's spoils it for others.

    I would certainly watch the movie, just because I am a sucker for wanting more after the TV series is done.

  2. @Leesh: Agreed. I always want more after a series is over... which is why I buy the dvds and watch them over and over and over again!