Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Moments from the 2011 Emmys

The Emmys were on last night, and while the actual show was less than stellar, a few key moments and some well-deserved surprising wins, made it worth watching.

The opening number was way too long. But, once the awkwardness of Jane Lynch singing, wore off, we got to see some great cameos from the casts of The Big Bang Theory, Friday Night LightsEntourage's Ari and Lloyd, and of course, Jane went back to the 60s to visit the set of Mad Men. Take a look:

Most of last night's winners were predictable, like Jon Stewart, Mad Men for Best Drama, and pretty much the entire cast of Modern Family - you know, the usual. But, when Peter Dinklage won Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his role on Game of Thrones, and Jason Katims was finally recognized by the Academy for the stellar and fantastic writing on Friday Night Lights, we knew it would be an interesting year. And while I have to say that Mrs. Coach (Connie Britton) was robbed, I literally jumped off my couch when Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) won Best Actor in a Drama, which he so rightly deserved. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

Highlights from Kyle Chandler's acceptance speech included a, "Gosh, almighty", and him finishing his speech off with his signature laugh! Say it with me, 'That was SO Coach Taylor'.

Last but not least, probably the best act of the evening was a prerecorded The Office spoof, which included Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) visiting Creed at the Scranton branch for a special delivery, and Amy Poehler (speaking Dothraki, might I add), as a new Dunder Mifflin employee!

Full list of last night's Emmy winners.

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