Friday, September 23, 2011

Soundtrack to the 80s - 'Drive'

With a style that's a cross between Top Gun and Pretty in Pink, the soundtrack for Drive is infused with electronica-inspired pop, and lyrics that literally transport you back to the 80s. This is the soundtrack to have blasting while you're driving around aimlessly on a summer night, windows down, and wind blowing. Not that I do that...or anything...


  1. I totally felt like I was watching Pretty in Pink or some 80's movie while watching Drive. At one point, I almost convinced myself that the same song was playing throughout the whole movie. I think it was A Real Hero. I do like the song though.

  2. @Leesh: 'A Real Hero' is a great song. Very hypnotic, you kind of get lost in it, so I can completely understand feeling like that.